Capillary hair masks | Buy cheap hair mask online

Hair mask is an essential for a good hair care. A mask of quality is able to act in the innermost part of the hair, feeding it inside so hair can becomes much healthier and nicier outside. Here you will find the most professional and exclusive hair masks, in different sizes and at the best price.

Mask Novex Ojon Oil 210g


Mask Haskell Antiresidue Detox Therapy 200g

6.99 10.81 Special Price

Mask Gota Dourada Bombastico Hair Growth 500g

6.98 11.00 Special Price
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Mascarilla Gotax Afro 4ABC 950g

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Mask Gotax Curls 3ABC 950g

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Mask Ocean Hair Cassava Growth 250g

11.00 17.42 Special Price

Mask Ocean Hair Hydrativit Hair 250g

11.99 17.42 Special Price

Mask Valquer Ice 300ml

11.99 17.99 Special Price

Matting Mask Ocean Hair Key Platinum 250g

11.00 19.34 Special Price
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Matting Mask Ocean Hair Black Platinum 250g

17.98 24.28 Special Price

Matting Mask Ocean Hair Petroleum Bath 250g

13.99 24.28 Special Price

Professional Mask Ocean Hair Vegan Total Free 500g

16.99 31.21 Special Price