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Botox effect: ritual of abundance for your hair.
Strengthening action that provides vigor, density and body. Pearl texture, lightness of ingredients (chamomile, propolis) and magnetic perfume. Turn your hair into a pure Hollywood style mane. ¿Are you ready?
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This pack includes a discount over the products separately.

  • 1un Shampoo 260ml
  • 1un Conditioner 260ml
  • 1un Biphasic Leave-In 30ml
Mixed hair, fine, without volume, fragile and lifeless.

Active Ingredients
  • Salt-free: this product does not contain salt (Sodium Chloride) and is ideal for hair care and to maintain the effects of keratin, straightening and/or botox treatments.
  • Castor Oil: accelerates growth, decreases dryness of the scalp, helps fight dandruff and improves elasticity.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: has unique properties of rejuvenation and hair umectation, also nourishes and improves hair elasticity.
  • Chamomile: active considered sacred in ancient Egypt, improves the overall structure of hair and prevents split ends.
  • Propolis: rich in flavonoids and oils, with regenerative action, protective of UV and helps combat alopecia and fall.
Stronger hair, full of life, with more body and volume, very bright and perfumed.

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  • With a few simple steps, we offer our customers the desired hair botox effect.
  • Blue is an advanced treatment specially designed to treat hair weakened by the passage of time: factors such as stress, alimentation or environmental changes affect our hair making it fragile and dull.
  • Developed with chamomile, castor extract and hyaluronic acid, which strengthen the root and provide volume and body to the hair.
Method of use
  1. Wash the hair with the Salt-free Shampoo. Rinse.
  2. Apply the Conditioner by locks, with the fingers.
  3. Leave to act 3 to 10 minutes according to the hydration you are looking for (the longer, the more hydrated).
  4. It is recommended to wear a thermal cap to enhance the effects of the hair mask.
  5. Rinse with water.
  6. On damp hair spray the Serum, from the middle to the ends.
  7. Let air dry or, for a "wow" result, blow dry, from top to bottom.
  8. This beauty ritual can be performed in every hair wash.
  9. The Serum can also be applied the next day on dry hair to repair the ends or facilitate styling.
See on product sheets separately.

More information
3 plastic bottles with practical dosing caps and exquisite perfume.
Ideal line for a botox effect, with fortifying action that gently washes fine and weakened hair giving them vigor, body and volume.
This brand does not test its products on animals.