Maintenance pack Novex Dr Hemp calming vegan 4 products

The remedy for stressed hair!
Because hair also suffers from stress, Novex has developed the Dr Hemp line with a key ingredient: Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil. This powerful ingredient acts as a protective barrier against damage caused by stress: falling, frizz, hair dryness and also provides an intense shine and protects both from heat and damage caused by contamination. Effective immediately. 100% Vegan and Organic .
  • Reference: PCKM066
  • Brand: Embelleze
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This pack includes a discount in the price compared to the products separately.

  • Shampoo 500ml
  • Conditioner 500ml
  • Mask 500g
  • Hair Shield Serum 237ml
Indicated for all types of hair, especially dull, frizzy, dry and damaged.

Active ingredients
  1. Cannabis Sativa seed oil: with a high content of fatty acids, including Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9. It also has essential nutrients for good hair health such as calcium, zinc and iron.
  2. Protein infusion: they rebuild the hair fiber and strengthen the hair cuticle, in addition to alleviating the damage of heat devices.
  3. 100% vegan : it is of vegetable and organic origin.
  4. Important note : The fantastic Cannabis Sativa seed oil does not contain THC or CBD (psychoactive substances from plants). So you can use it without fear or prejudice!
  1. It acts on the hair creating a protective barrier against the damaging effects of pollution, drying, chemical processes, and excessive humidity, reducing frizz.
  2. Strengthens the internal and external structure of the hair and helps in its healthy growth.
  3. Replenish essential lipids to maximize shine, hydration and malleability of the hair, preventing breakage.
  4. Seals the cuticles creating a protective layer that repels moisture and protects against external aggressions such as contamination, constant drying and ironing and the use of chemical products.
Calms the hair, adds 3d shine, helps in healthy growth and even strengthens and seals the cuticles forming a protective film on the hair, leaving it stronger and frizz-free.

Directions and frequency of use
  1. Wash hair with shampoo.
  2. Apply the mask, leave on for 2 minutes and rinse.
  3. Apply the conditioner and rinse.
  4. On damp hair, apply the Serum to detangle, thus avoiding breakage.
  5. Air dry or blow dry.
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More info
This brand does not test its products in animals.

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