Ampoule Export Cacau Reparation K Keratin 15ml

98% concentrated keratin
Intensive hair reconstruction
For very damged hair (burnt, "chewing gum"texture, bleached, etc)
Restores structure and elasticity
Replenishes keratin and aminoacids
Sprayed for a Nanokeratinización service
Mixed with other Export treatments
Online sale is forbidden. Sold only to accredited professionals
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Ampolla Export Cacau Reparación K Keratina
Kit Alisado de Keratina Export Cacau 3x1L

Why use the Ampoule K of Keratin in your Salon?
  • Guaranteed results: intensive hair repair
  • With 98% concentrated keratin
  • A plus of hair repair to boost Export treatments
  • 1 ampoule of 15ml serves for 3 services
  • Reconstructed hair even in very damaged hair
  • Online sale is forbidden and it is not sold in department stores or retail chains
  • Available in units or 12x15ml box
  • Can be used mixed with other treatments s (Straightening, Botox, Hair Mask, etc) or directly over the hair with the Ultrasonic Sprayer for a plus of hair reparation
  • The Export Home Care line s only sold in salons (not stores or distributors)
  • The professionals who use it are satisfied and do not change it for another

Metodo de Uso Downlad Method of Use with Sprayer
Metodo de Uso Downlad Method of Use with Power Mask
Metodo de Uso Downlad Method of Use with Biomolecular Btox
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More information about treatment:
  • Active Ingredients: Human keratin
  • Indication: Very damaged hair (burnt, "chewing gum" texture, bleached, etc)
  • Action: Intelligent hair reconstruction and restoration instantaneously. Effective frizz contro
  • Maintenance: To prolong the effect it is recommended to use the Export Home Care line for home care